Ostoorah – what do you think of it?

Ostoorah by Ajmal

I am going through a fragrance phase…after a dose of musky perfumes in the last 2 weeks, I am ready for a new smell to sooth my senses and I can’t wait to try Ajmal Perfumes new Oriental fragrance, Ostoorah a Unisex concentrated perfume oil which I am told is similar to the strong scents I prefer.

Ostoorah is supposedly designed for those who are deep-rooted in tradition and appreciate fine Oudhy blends. Staying true to its meaning, The Legend – the fragrance  sends an invitation to be a part of the magnificent aura. In the opening, Rose brings a ray of light made sensual by Musk and the unexpected encounter of these two combined with Oudh and Amber and blended together with Sandalwood gives birth to a mystifying fragrance. I am told the intense fragrance engulfs you with its rich, warm, woody feel with playful hints of floral notes.

If anyone has already tried it, I would love to know your thoughts….if  I get my hands on it soon, I will let you know if it is all it touts to be.

Saying yes to ‘Prose’


Being a poet, seeing the word prose bring many different thoughts to my forever overactive mind so when I saw the name on a perfume bottle, I had to try it…especially as the bottle was red and I am known for my splashes of red indulgence at home and in my accessories.

Little diva is also into perfumes these days and this fragrance definitely caters to the young and vibrant diva. Not sure how thrilled I am about this as she has already taken over my extensive shoe collection and continually asks if she is inheriting every cool piece of jewellery I wear. But as much as I love Prose, which is a delectable, vivacious, and spirited fragrance, I will share this one with Natasha even if it is in small doses.

Prose emanates a feminine, warm, and playful aroma that is impossible for any young lady to resist – perhaps it’s because this charming contemporary fragrance is infused with delicious scent combinations, featuring the perfect balance between fresh, younger notes, and a more mature, and earthly aroma. I guess that’s why both Tash and I love it…. Not that being 40 means that I am the mature one J

For people who like looking at the ingredients base of a perfume, Prose combines hints of bright and fresh citrus fruits such as orange, melon, and apple, with a fruity trifecta of strawberry, coconut, and sugar – all a brief prelude to an invigorating base composed of a rich laden amber, vanilla, and musk.

Because this nice wonder comes from Ajmal Perfumes, the region’s multi award-winning fragrance house, I was surprised that Prose is priced at AED 100…very affordable and great to buy for yourself and your pre teen and teen divas…my little diva absolutely loves it.