Eight simple hacks to stop travel sickness

Worried passengers are being advised on how to ease the symptoms of travel sickness when commuting this summer.

The holiday car rental experts at StressFreeCarRental.com have researched eight easy solutions to prevent holidaymakers from experiencing travel sickness.

Travel sickness is caused by consistent movements during travelling and is found to be most common among children and pregnant women. 

Simple tips such as sitting at the front of the car and rolling down the windows can make a big difference to anyone who develops symptoms of headaches and dizziness.

A spokesperson from StressFreeCarRental.com said: “One of the biggest fears for travellers is getting travel sickness which could lead to a trip being ruined.

“Using simple methods such as chewing gum and staying away from scrolling on your phone can relax symptoms such as nausea.

“Following this essential advice can make all the difference for passengers and allow them to get to their destination with a peace of mind.”

Here are eight helpful tips from StressFreeCarRental.com to prevent travel sickness:

Roll down the windowsTaking in the fresh air is vital when a passenger is experiencing sickness. Breathing in the fresh air can ease nausea symptoms. When travelling by plane, turn on the air conditioning to relax the sickness feeling.

Stay hydrated 

Water is key to reducing the severity of a headache caused by travel sickness. Drink plenty and avoid the temptation of a glass of prosecco or fizzy drinks.

Pack the gum 

Having chewing gum can relax your stomach, as the coolness can relax stomach muscles and takes your mind off the pain. Bring both peppermint and ginger flavoured gum to help the sickness.

Snack lightly Avoid heavy and greasy foods on the journey. Choose some lightly salted snacks such as seaweed bites or dry crackers which won’t disturb the stomach pains.

Play some good tunesDistraction is one of the best ways to help your mind forget about the burden of travel sickness. Play your favourite songs on the radio at a low volume to focus your mind on something else other than feeling sick.

Bring a sick bag A last resort option may be needed if you can’t do anything to stop sickness. Having a sick bag on board can make you feel calmer, as you know there is another option available.

Get in the front seat Whether it’s in a family car-hire or a road-trip with friends, sitting at the front lets you focus on the road and minimise the likelihood of travel sickness. 

Stay off the screenAs tempting as it can be, scrolling on social media can worsen headaches by straining your eyes from looking at bright screens. It’s best to put the phone away until the end of journey.


Old World Luxury with Modern Comforts: Kempinski Engelberg

Shereen Shabnam

When it comes to nature, the best place to enjoy mountain scenery, hiking, skiing is in Engelberg, in the heart of Central Switzerland. A few days at the Kempinski Palace Engelberg saw us enjoying a host of activities that included long walks, taking a cable car ride up to the mountains, experiencing a heart stopping suspension bridge walk, sliding down a mountain to trying local cuisine and more.

We arrived in Engelberg using the luxurious Swiss Trains to the attractive village is known for its famous monastery and unforgettable alpine experience surrounding the Engelberg-Titlis area.

We arrived at the Kempinski in time to enjoy their 1st anniversary since opening as well as celebrating the brand which was founded 125 years ago and currently has 79 five start hotels in 34 countries across the globe.

The Kempinski Palace Engelberg is an exceptional tourist destination at any time of year and exudes new charm after being extensively renovated, restored and extended with the addition of a new building. For the design, local materials such as wood and stone is used and influenced by local craftsmanship and traditional techniques, which are given a modern twist and inspired by Alpine motifs.

The charm and the unique history of the historic hotel complex was retained using modern construction methods and resulted in a luxurious retreat, with spectacular views of the nearby mountains.

The hotel regained its status as a luxurious, elegant and comfortable year-round destination for both Swiss and international travellers for rest and relaxation end of day after the thrill of sports such as skiing, bobsleigh and skeleton in winter and hiking in the spectacular nearby mountains.

As we entered the impressive lobby, we were greeted with refreshing drinks in a relaxed area with an informal vibe and a view of the inviting landscape of the adjoining gardens.

The winter garden is a perfect place for a morning cup of coffee or afternoon cup of tea, with a focus on relaxation and enjoying the unique views. The décor convinces with its cool texture and its shape against the background of the original terracotta floor tiles.

Before our wholesome dinner, we headed to the “Palace Bar” for mocktails and immersed ourselves in an ambient area complete with a fireplace lounge and a horseshoe-shaped bar. This warm atmosphere richly decorated ceiling is a popular meeting place for guests.

Breakfast was served in the “Cattani Restaurant” connected to the Winter Garden and we had impressive views of the mountain landscape while sipping steaming coffees and hot chocolate.

The hotel has an impressive spa complete with a sauna and steam room, but it is the relaxation lounge that impresses us the most. The Spa focuses on the forces of nature, restoring clients inner balance using the restorative effects of plants, flowers, and herbs in all treatments. The Spa is equipped with a fitness room with state-of-the-art equipment such as bikes, treadmills, cross trainers and more.

The pool area uses differences in depth to create stepped seating areas made of dark stone, which radiate both feelings of intimacy and a unique appeal. The pool speaks for itself with its glazed frontage, providing panoramic views of the mountains.

The rooms and suites stand out with their warm atmosphere thanks to the use of materials such as brushed oak and luxurious light-brown leather. The bathroom was large and designed like a private oasis of wellness and relaxation. We found more hidden treasures during our hotel tour as we noted expressive mosaic and marble elements, historic floor tiles and antique serving trolleys.

While staying at the hotel, we took a trip to the top of Mt. Titlis using the Titlis Xpress and the TITLIS ROTAIR, the world’s first revolving cable car.  On Mount Titlis, we experienced the Titlis Cliff Walk, Ice Flyer Chairlift, Titlis Glacier Park and had a wonderful lunch with scenic views of the alps.

Kempinski Palace Engelberg is easily accessible thanks to its central location by the spa gardens and proximity to the Engelberg train station. Getting to the hotel is a few minutes’ walk from the train station.

We flew SWISS to Zurich from Dubai and used the SWISS Travel System trains to get Engelberg. Exploring Switzerland using the Swiss Travel Pass by train, bus and boat is always a wonderful experience with panoramic views on trains or relaxed boat cruises.

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Turkish Hospitality: Rixos Bab Al Bahr

Shereen Shabnam

Located on the pristine beach of Al Marjan Island, Rixos Bab Al Bahr has an all-inclusive concept that has proven to be a success with both local and international visitors. The ‘All inclusive – All Exclusive’ stay at Rixos Bab al Bahr is a signature offering from Rixos Hotels, who are experts in luxury all-inclusive concept.

We stayed at the Rixos Bab Al Bahr and experienced the essence of traditional Turkish hospitality, as is the trademark of the hotel chain. The concept very aptly accommodates the Turkish hospitality philosophy of extending attention and services beyond imagination, making every guest’s experience an exclusive one.

Rixos Bab Al Bahr’s iconic pyramid-shaped buildings are home to 715 luxurious rooms and suites, with stunning views of the ocean. Housed along the white sandy beach of Marjan Island, and the resort’s eight swimming pools, basketball and tennis courts offers something for everyone at the hotel, regardless of their age or lifestyle.

There are also eight swimming pools, motorised water sports and the Teen’s Club offers a busy activity schedule with DJ classes, billiards and PS4 tournaments.

The five-star hotel offers an all-inclusive package that gives visitors access to dine free at any of its seven restaurants. Rixos Bab Al Bahr proudly presents an assortment of Restaurants and Bars of true gastronomical experiences from all around the world. Guests looking for something more relaxed can head to the Lobby Lounge that offers a wide selection of freshly brewed coffee and teas. The Pool Bar and the Sea & See beach bar are also great places to enjoy the sun and sand.

The hotel offers a mix of deluxe and premium rooms as well as family, junior, senior and king suites, the property is ready to cater to all family sizes. The ‘All inclusive – All exclusive’ stay at Rixos Bab Al Bahr includes unique dining experiences in several restaurants and bars, a night club, spectacular evening entertainment programs, Rixy Club and Teen’s Republic, Rixos Royal Spa with a marvelous Turkish Hammam, on-site souk for local artifacts, accessories and souvenirs. Active guests can enjoy water activities and excursions at an additional charge.

The ultra ‘All Inclusive – All Exclusive’ offer at Rixos Bab Al Bahr goes beyond comfortable stay and limitless dining. A daily dose of live entertainment designed by resort’s dedicated, professional and extremely talented entertainment team caters to the preferences of guests of all ages.

The Resotrt’s live shows and performances features a live band performance of different genre of music as well as instrumental and acoustic to set the mood with dance shows, and performances by artists of international eminence.

The water sports facilities at the resort under the supervision of a well-trained team. Guests can go sailing or kayaking at leisure, surrender to the winds as they go windsurfing, opt for banana or jet skiing if they enjoy riding the waves or go fishing for a pastime.

For families traveling with kids, staying at the Rixos Bab Al Bahr, will benefit from the exclusive Rixy Club that offers an exceedingly proficient and multi-lingual team, dedicated to turning children’s experiences to memorable moments through age-tailored entertainment programs.

My daughter toured Teen’s Republic, the club for the teenagers offering a gamut of activities. Guests can also indulge in the exclusive shopping haven at the resort that sells local artifacts, souvenirs and accessories and take back home tangible memories of our weekend away.

For down time, enjoy the Rixos Royal Spa, which has a myriad of treatments and rituals as well as contemporary practices specific to Rixos’ Turkish heritage like the Turkish Hammam, which is one of the spa’s signature areas, delivered with great authenticity.

Ras Al Khaimah is only a short drive from Dubai and the Emirate features endless sandy beaches, untouched deserts and favorable weather all year round, which facilitate an array of tourist attractions.  And Rixos Bab Al Bahr is a must stop to get an all-inclusive worry free few days to relax and unwind.

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A Feast for the Eyes

Madame Butterfly at Westin Mina Seyahi

Natasha Dury

On returning to Dubai, my first big outing involved experiencing an entertaining and multisensory dining experience complete with a series of contemporary cabaret performances at Papillon, Westin Mina Seyahi.

Papillon proved to be a restaurant with a difference, as the exhilarating Madame Butterfly dinner show returned for its second season with brand-new creative performances brought to life by the vision of local talent Layla Kardan and her creative team.

The cast were vibrant, dynamic and brought electric energy to the stage that is not often seen in Dubai. Every Wednesday, diners can enjoy the Madame Butterfly experience with a dinner package starting from an incredible AED 395 per person.

The cabaret performances in between meal courses allow guests to immerse themselves into an entertainment mode as professional dancers, contortionists and vibrant dancers rock the stage at Papillon. The music is just right for each skit that is performed.

The lush Madame Butterfly menu is created and overseen by Chef Vinod Mani with a mix of sharing and a la carte courses from 8pm to 11pm with unlimited drinks. We shared the starters of burrata and cherry tomato salad done to perfection and crispy calamari dish.

There is a choice of four main courses that suits different diets and as we were five on the table, we were able to try all the dishes and each one was a delight to taste and savour. The dishes same with sides on the table to share. The desserts were equally perfect and will please those who love chocolates and sorbets.

Papillon is an intimate venue that seats 80 guests and transforms the room into a perfect venue for date nights, girls’ nights out, boys get together outings and it is suitable for special celebrations and occasions.

The Madame Butterfly dinner and show takes place from 8pm to 11pm every Wednesday. It is a perfect venue for both date nights and to enjoy as a group with friends.

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Shoes in the shower cap: How to pack perfectly this summer

Over-packers and novice travellers are being offered tips on how to pack perfectly for their summer holiday.

The holiday car rental experts at StressFreeCarRental.com have rounded up their top tips for those looking to save space and ensure they pack all of the essentials. 

Among the top hacks are packing necklaces in straws to avoid them becoming tangled and placing dirty shoes in a shower cap.

Overpackers should aim to wear some of their more bulky items, like boots or jackets, on the plane to relieve the stress of fitting everything in your suitcase. 

A spokesperson from StressFreeCarRental.com said: “Packing the perfect amount of items to fit in your suitcase before a holiday is a real art. Often, holiday-makers over pack and chuck in a number of outfits for each day, just in case they are in need of extra items – only to bring the majority home unworn and full of creases.

Putting your necklace inside a straw can prevent entanglement

“To avoid this, travellers should plan ahead and make a list of the items they need. Easy tips for saving space include only taking the essential toiletries and decanting items like shampoo, conditioner and shower gel into small travel bottles.”

Here are StressFreeCarRental.com ’s top packing hacks:

Heavy items

Place any heavier or bulkier items by the wheels of your case so when it is stood, the heavy items will be at the bottom. 

Dryer sheets

Travellers preparing for long-haul flights or for those who don’t like to unpack when they get to their destination should place dryer sheets in their luggage. This will keep everything smelling fresh. 

Prevent spillages

To avoid any liquids spilling all over your case, unscrew the lid of your bottles and place a small piece of cling film over the opening and screw the lid back on. Alternatively, pack all liquids in a plastic bag. 

Packing chargers

Avoid wires getting tangled amongst your belongings by wrapping up all chargers and electricals and packing them together in a small bag or packing cube.

Outfit packing

Before packing, arrange your items of clothing into outfits rather than individual items. This will encourage you to think more strategically about the clothes you need and will help to stop temptations for overpacking.


Getting on holiday to find all of your necklaces have tangled in your bag is frustrating. To prevent this, pop your necklaces into reusable straws.

Roll up

Rather than folding all of your clothes, try rolling them up to take up less space and avoid lots of creases. 

Bulky clothes

Wear heavy clothes and shoes at the airport rather than stuffing them into your case. Layer up with jumpers and jackets and wear your heaviest shoes. 

Wrap up shoes

Cotton bags are great for holding shoes inside a suitcase as they can be washed as soon as you’re home. Alternatively, shower caps are great for holding muddy or dirty shoes and means you can keep them away from your clean clothes. 

Fragile items

Avoid breakages of glass perfume and aftershave bottles by putting them inside your packed shoes or in a sock for extra padding.


Those heading off on sunny holidays and planning on packing hats should stuff them with smaller items like socks and underwear. This will save space and help your hats keep their shape. 


Artful Living: The Dolder Grand

Shereen Shabnam

After a few days exploring new parts of Switzerland, I took a two-day respite at the iconic Dolder Grand.  With spectacular views of the alps and Lake Zurich, the Dolder Grand, renowned as Zurich’s most prestigious address since 1899, is a city resort atop a hill with close proximity to beautiful nature and wilderness areas as well as downtown locations for shopping, art, and entertainment.

Built-in the 19th century in Swiss style, Dolder Grand was designed to be a place for relaxation and escape, with past guests that include historical figures such as Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, the Shah of Iran as well as luminaries and celebrities of modern times such as Leonardo DiCaprio and the legendary director David Fincher who have sought out this haven of calm.

The nature at Dolder Grand is breath-taking and draws a picture of perfection with an aura of serenity, especially for GCC families who relish the good weather of Switzerland. With an ever-increasing number of travellers from this region, the property has evolved to cater directly to this market.

Guests enjoy a peaceful experience with stunning views during meals that offer a gastronomical experience and exquisite cuisine with a difference. At the Saltz restaurant, guests can enjoy authentic Arabic flavours, thanks to the talents of Oriental Chef de Cuisine, Firas El-Borji. Chef’s. His creations can also be enjoyed in the privacy of guest rooms or at the Lobby & Bar.

As a member of the Leading Hotels of the World and Swiss Deluxe Hotels, the 5-star-deluxe property carries the signature of architects Norman Foster as well as Sylvia Sepielli and is one of Zurich’s most famous landmarks.

The hotel has 175 luxurious rooms and suites, a sperate ladies ‘and gentlemen spa, generous banqueting and seminar facilities and a remarkable art collection. The premium suites extend over hundreds of square metres and some feature steam showers, whirlpools, and spacious terraces with sweeping views.

Each suite has been inspired by a specific “patron”, such as the Maestro Suite, named after conductor Herbert von Karajan and abounding in musical cues, including a grand piano and lyre as decoration. The rocking Suite 100, inspired by the Rolling Stones and the infamous 100 Club in London, is dominated by dark colours such as black and deep purple or the Masina Suite, named after the Italian actress Giulietta Masina, celebrates the glamour of fifties designs.

The Terrazza and Carezza Suites are designed with specific patterns and colours, predominantly gold, stone and wood, to suit the tastes and preferences of Arab guests. Covering 2,300 sq ft, the Carezza’s vaulted ceilings and cutting-edge design provides plenty of space for guests to come together either in the luxurious interior, or on the terrace that surrounds the entire suite, providing unique views of Zurich.

The Terrazza spreads out over 3,900 sq ft, covering two floors, and offering up to four bedrooms, including an exquisite master suite. Its modern interior takes on classic lines, while floor-to-ceiling windows provide plenty of natural light and stunning views of the city.

With a private entrance, the Terrazza is particularly suited to long-stay guests, while the hotel’s butler team provide specific one-on-one service to guests. With additional inter-connecting rooms, the capacity for the suites extends further, perfect for larger families or groups that want the connectivity yet the privacy of a hotel room.

The Dolder Grand Spa philosophy for well-being is based on four main principles: relaxation, beauty, vitality, and detoxification with an extensive menu of treatments. With a separate ladies and gentlemen spa comprises 20 treatment rooms, two private spa suites, a wellness centre, and an aqua zone, designed for guests to relax and unwind.

On arrival at The Dolder Grand, I indulged in an art tour as the hotel is home to more than 100 pieces of art, which are on display provided by the owner’s private collection and includes pieces by Salvador Dali and Takashi Murakami. The grounds are studded with sculptures everywhere and the three-piece reclining figure of Henry Moore outside one of the new wings stands out.

The exceptional concierge service is one of its kind in Zurich, offering e-bikes, complimentary guest cars or shuttle buses, as well as childcare services; The concierge team always knows what’s going on around Zurich and share tips and recommendations for excursions and activities. On top of that, the kid’s room is open on weekends for children aged three to 12 and filled with supervised activities to keep the little ones busy and active.

The award winning Dolder Grand is the perfect base to enjoy Zurich and its plethora of museums, picturesque renaissance, and medieval buildings amidst beautiful natural surroundings. My wonderful time at the hotel will always be treasured.

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Amadeus and ATS Travel partner to launch the “ATS Go Green” sustainability drive supported by Olive Gaea

(Left to Right) Ernesto Sanchez Beaumont – Managing Director, Amadeus Gulf, Mr Saleem Sharif – Deputy Managing Director, ATS Travel, and Juhi Yasmeen Khan – Founder & Managing Director, JYK Future Philanthropist CSR Initiative Company- Dubai

· Partnership cemented at an awareness campaign with key stakeholders at the Al Zohra Mangrove area

Amadeus is partnering with ATS Travel, an award-winning travel management company in the Middle East, to launch its sustainable drive under the brand ‘ATS Go Green’ in collaboration with Olive Gaea, a Dubai-based start-up providing Net Zero solutions across the MENATI region.

Amadeus is committed to working towards environmental sustainability, encouraging industry-wide progress to help achieve its net zero targets and securing long-term growth and prosperity for the travel industry. The company has set a target of zero emissions by 2050, with the ambition to achieve this by 2030.

The ‘ATS Go Green’ initiative reiterates the commitment by all parties to reach their environmental sustainability goals and be the front runners in the travel industry providing tailor-made reports on Co2 emissions for corporates.

Saleem Sharif, Deputy Managing Director at ATS Travel said, “The partnership will allow Amadeus, ATS Travel and Olive Gaea to work closely together and offer clients offsetting opportunities and inspire sustainable living. The collaboration saw all parties pledging to develop a more sustainable future with participants planting mangroves at the local Al Zohra mangrove ecosystem.  Participants were briefed on the sustainability project and taken on a Kayak tour to the mangrove plantation area with reusable water bottles and eco-friendly utilities. We invited our corporate clients and UAE National airlines representatives to join the event and support the cause.”

“The increase of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere today is a growing concern within the travel and tourism sector. We aim to be the front runners in the travel sector providing custom carbon footprint reports for Air, Land, and hotels to our travel corporates. Our collaboration will enable us to go beyond just greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reports in the future, and provide cost effective offsetting options,” added Saleem.

Ernesto Sanchez Beaumont, Managing Director, Amadeus Gulf said, “This partnership supports our approach to transforming business operations, helping customers and driving the industry toward a more sustainable future. Enabling our customers to engage in green initiatives, such as this one from ATS Travel and Olive Gaea, and working with the global travel community on sustainability reflects our commitment to being at the forefront of change.”

“The UAE Government has given a lot of emphasis to sustainability, Go Green drives and eco-tourism. It is hence critical to understand the direct impact of travel choices on carbon footprint,” added Ernesto.

Vivek Tripathi, Founder and CEO of Olive Gaea said, “We are delighted to partner with ATS Travel’s sustainability initiative “ATS GO GREEN” supported by Amadeus. With local and global organizations racing against time to address climate change and reach Net Zero Carbon targets, we are pleased to play our part and help them take climate action.  Not only will they minimize their environmental impact and support new plantation activities, they will also empower their clients with innovative and sound sustainability tools. 

“Change starts with awareness; that’s why we trust our reporting and carbon offsetting initiatives will go a long way in fostering a greener travel industry in the UAE. The initiative will help both corporate and individual travellers assess their environmental impact and take positive climate action amid rising concerns over global warming,” added Vivek.

Executive Suites Hotels and Resorts launches at ATM 2022

New hospitality management company aims to offer enhanced portfolio of services to hotel properties in the UAE

Abu Dhabi based hospitality Management Company, Executive Suites Hotels and Resorts, founded in March 2022 successfully launched at the Arabian Travel Market 2022 introducing its core hospitality product and service offering.

The company is currently managing the Executive Suites hotel, centrally located in Al Nahyan Camp area, Abu Dhabi near top tier corporate entities and government entities and major malls. Based only ten minutes away by car from Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), Executive Suites is a perfect location for local residents and visitors coming to the UAE for business and pleasure.

Mahmoud Tharwat, Hotel Manager of Executive Suites Abu Dhabi said, “We are excited to use ATM as a platform to introduce our hospitality management offering and show the USP’s of our main hotel in Abu Dhabi.”

“Whether you are working, relocating or traveling with your family, our elegantly decorated 120 studios and apartments offer a host of amenities like LCD Televisions, cable/ Satellite TV, in Room Safe and coffee and tea making facilities,” he added.

The hotel offers free High-Speed wireless internet, Business Center services, same day laundry and dry-cleaning services, travel and tours reservations, multilingual Team, shoeshine Service, 24 Hours concierge services and a massage center for tired travellers. For leisure and recreation, facilities include a roof-top pool, sauna and a fully equipped gym.

For added convenience, the hotel has within the property the L’Auberge Palace Restaurant & Cafe serving traditional Lebanese cuisine. It serves international dishes, snacks and a selection of teas and coffees. At Rooftop Café, patrons can enjoy an assortment of the best shisha flavors.

The in-room amenities that adds convenience to long term stay guests includes, fully equipped kitchenette, washing machine, writing Desk, IDD Telephone Facility, choice of smoking and non-smoking rooms and accessible rooms for people of determination.

Executive Suites is ideally located in the hub of Abu Dhabi and meets the needs of local residents and travellers from abroad. The management services of the hotel will be done by the parent company, Executive Suites Hotels and Resorts.

Timeless Elegance

The Langham, London

Shereen Shabnam

London is always a good idea for a holiday and selecting the right hotel depending on what you want to do in the city. On my top three favourites for hotels in London is The Langham. Creating exceptional guest experiences since it opened as Europe’s first grand hotel in 1865, The Langham, London continues to enhance its offerings more than 150 years later.

My favourite activity at the hotel is try an afternoon tea while people watching as it is indeed a hotel that gives you the best of history, luxury and a regal vibe that leaves one with a sense of gratification.

The exquisitely appointed guest rooms and suites are classically styled and evokes a warm residential feel with renowned service that bears the hallmarks of the hotel’s rich heritage that spans three centuries.

The rooms at The Langham are exquisite. The Terrace Suite vaunts imposing views of bustling Regent Street and beyond with its extensive balcony perched on the hotel’s fifth floor. This unforgettable suite, with separate lounge and bedroom, is ideal for longer stays. The airy space fits up to three guests between the bedroom’s king bed and living room, and additional beds are available upon request.

Brimming with comforts for the discerning traveller, the suite includes a full-size work desk, the Langham Blissful Bed, marble bathroom with separate shower and bath, and a bottle of chilled bubbles upon arrival.

Guests in the room will want for nothing thanks to butler service to assist with personal requests such as unpacking suitcases, colour-coding your wardrobe, or organising bespoke itineraries and 24-hour full-service in-room dining.

Bathed in a refined colour palette of regal jewel tones and soft neutrals, summer’s light pours through the terrace’s glass doors into the suite’s living area, creating one of the best destinations for a getaway for families or special occasions.

Palm Court is famed as the birthplace of the afternoon tea tradition, an indulgent ritual that continues today. Artesian is a glamorous bar designed by the acclaimed late David Collins and is a social hub for chic Londoners conjuring up classic and innovative cocktails.

The Landau restaurant offers classically constructed dishes using the finest seasonal ingredients with a contemporary style of presentation. Chuan Spa is a pampering haven and is London’s first luxury hotel spa to incorporate the ancient principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine into its signature treatments and ambience.

The Langham, London was opened in 1865 by HRH The Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII), as Europe’s first “Grand Hotel”.  From the outset it boasted an unrivalled location at the top of Regent Street and this is still true today with an enviable address in the heart of the West End. And with incredible city views, the plush atmosphere of a grand hotel and Langham’s impeccable hospitality, guests can expect an unforgettable experience.

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Traditional culinary experiences: Turkish Village Restaurant

Shereen Shabnam

Recently we ventured to the Award-winning Turkish Village Restaurant to sample their diverse range of unique authentic culinary experiences that included especially curated dishes blending authentic Turkish ingredients and flavors, complete with the much-loved art of Turkish hospitality.

We discovered that the restaurant offers so much more than just good food as we entered the Jumeirah branch of the restaurant. Starting from a retail experience to a selection of delectable food with seasonal flavours and impeccable presentation, we tried different inspiring food concepts, and each was a fun and social culinary experience best enjoyed in a group.

The Turkish Village Restaurant has a capacity for large events that can accommodate over 500 guests over three levels and can curate menus that can be custom made to suit any corporate or family event. When I visited with family, we opted for the a la carte menu as we wanted to try different dishes and each one was better than the next. My favourite was a metre long ‘pide’ or pastry which came with interesting fillings of meat and cheese fresh from the oven.

More recently we ventured with there with a group of friends and tried the Turkish mangal or barbecue that includes staple starters with meat marinated with spices overnight. We selected tender marinated chicken, succulent lamb, beef, kebabs and sausages and prepared the meal together at grill tables that come equipped with a private charcoal barbeque and a custom-made extractor.

The mangal meal was served with salads, fresh bread out of the oven, sauces, cold starters and water or ayran. The Mangal experience can be enjoyed for lunch and dinner at AED 50/- per person that includes charcoal, water, ayran, salad and cold starters on the table while the chicken and meat can be availed from the in-house butcher starting at AED 110/- per kg to share.

We then ended the meal on a sweet note with traditional Turkish sweets that include kunafa, baklava stuffed with cream and pistachios and the creamiest rice pudding in the city. This was the best Turkish culinary experience we have had in Dubai as it offers an authentic dining experience at par with what we normally find in Istanbul or other parts of Turkey.

Before leaving the restaurant, we stopped at the gourmet grocer named Bakkal (Meaning Grocery store in Turkish) on the ground floor for retail therapy. Bakkal features a diverse range of fresh, dried and frozen goods imported from Turkey every week and is a dream store for party lovers looking to get ready snacks that can be prepared easily for large families and intimate parties.

The three level Turkish Village Restaurant is located strategically in Jumeirah 1 (across La Mer, next to Spinneys and the Jumeirah Grand Mosque). It offers a laid-back memorable and interactive dining experience, within a warm and welcoming ambience and is also a one-stop shop for artisanal Turkish products. We left with bags full of Turkish delights and naturally, I got some extra desserts to enjoy at home later.

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