Turkish Airlines to bring the UEFA Champions League vibe to their stand at the Arabian Travel Market 2023

Turkish Airlines, flying to more countries than any other airline, is bringing the UEFA Champions League vibe to their stand at the Arabian Travel Market 2023, complete with a display relating to the tournament. The centerpiece of the stand will be a life-size replica of the Champions League trophy, gleaming under the bright lights and drawing the visitors for photo opportunities with the trophy exhibit.

Visitors to the Turkish Airlines stand also can enter a competition on the airlines Instagram page on @TurkishAirlinesArabia.  Two winners will get tickets to the semifinals of the tournament together with airline tickets to enjoy the excitement and energy of a packed stadium watching professional players dribble, pass, and score.

At this year’s ATM, the airline is reinforcing connectivity in response to growing customer demand for a stopover in Istanbul on their way to different parts of the world. The airline has won multiple awards for their product and service offering recently including accolades such as the Apex Best Seat Comfort in Europe, Apex Best Food & Beverage in Europe, Skytrax Worlds Best in Business Class Catering, Skytrax Best Airline in Europe as well as Skytrax Best Airline in Southern Europe.

Turkish Airlines connects travellers to over 340 destinations worldwide (289 international and 53 domestic) while maintaining the utmost care for a safe and healthy travel experience.

Asset Integrity and Process SafetyConference& Exhibitionto address key issues of asset life extension and optimization of maintenance strategies

  • Focus is on ‘advanced strategies and technologies to optimize production.’
  • Chronic issues related to asset integrity and process safety to be discussed.
  • Discussions to improve asset reliability and preventing unplanned shutdowns.

Saudi Arabia: Great Minds Event Management announces that the Asset Integrity and Process Safety Conference & Exhibition – KSA Edition will take place from the 2nd to the 4th of May 2023 in King Abdullah Cultural Center, Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The conference will address the key issues of asset life extension and optimization of maintenance strategies that improves the integrity and reliability of assets while maintaining production capability and reducing operational cost.

The technical workshop will take place on the 2nd of May while the conference will be on 3rd and 4th of May at the same venue and will provide an effective platform for Asset Integrity, Process Safety, Reliability, Inspection, NDT & NDE, Corrosion Control, HAZOP, Operations and Maintenance professionals to interact, share knowledge, and exchange best practices to effectively manage assets and showcase the latest technological advancements to tackle faced challenges.

Amro Hassanein, Lead Engineer Corrosion & Inspection at SABIC said, “Asset integrity and process safety are essential for the petrochemical industry to protect personnel, prevent equipment failures, comply with regulations, protect the environment, and preserve assets. Smart inspection techniques are important because they can help organizations improve efficiency, safety, reliability, data quality, and sustainability. Adopting these techniques, organizations can enhance their operations, reduce costs, and improve their overall performance. My session on Smart Inspection will help delegates benefit from staying informed about new technologies, regulations, and best practices, which can help them stay competitive and adapt to changes in their field.”

Dr. Husain Al-Muslim, Piping/Pipeline Engineering Consultant at Saudi Aramco added, “Due to the hazardous nature of most fluid services in the petrochemical, oil and gas sector, ensuring the integrity of critical assists is of paramount importance. A minor leak from a hazardous fluid can lead to major consequences impacting people and assets. Most of the unfortunate incidents in the oil and gas industry could be avoided with appropriate asset integrity management. My session will cover Pipeline Integrity Management and how to utilize the ever-limited resources to achieve spill-free and error-free operation. The presentation will be an overview of the pipeline integrity management system in accordance with international best practice and will also address the role of 4IRC in data analytics, digital twin, and machine learning.”

Speaking at the conference is Syed A. Ghufran, Method & Reliability Management Head at SATORP who adds, “For the oil and gas industry the main emphasis of process safety and asset integrity is to prevent unplanned releases which may lead to a major incident. In todays’ world, all improvement processes are data driven. Most difficult part in data management is data accuracy and data credibility. My session at the conference will cover data management for maintenance, reliability, and asset integrity. It goes without saying that “you can’t improve, if you can’t measure”. In this session, I will share our success story in managing maintenance, reliability, and asset data at SATORP.”

Asset integrity and process safety management is the critical practice to ensure seamless operations with the ability for a plant to function effectively and efficiently for continuous productivity, and a safe work environment.

This is crucial especially for oil, gas and petrochemical assets which can include highly complex infrastructures and legacy facilities requiring advanced inspection and monitoring to prevent failures, hazardous incidents, and unplanned shutdowns to achieve smooth operations and prevent production interruption.

However, the industry still struggles with attaining excellence in asset integrity and process safety due to key challenges, such as the change in operating parameters versus design stage, material degradation, corrosion, fatigue, and deviations from the fundamental principles of HAZOP. The three-day event brings together thought leaders across different sectors and industries.

The interactive conference highlights six main themes that include current market dynamics in asset integrity to increase safety, performance, and profit; international NDT standards and the critical innovations; digitalizing asset integrity and process safety to increase efficiency and asset lifecycle; Identifying risks and how to address them with hazard and operability study (HAZOP); designing predictive and preventive maintenance programs that suit your facility and mitigating risks through advances in corrosion control.

There will be more than 500 attendees, experts from the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors, over 30 speakers, with more than four industry led panel discussions and over 30 exhibitors will be showcasing their products, technology and innovations.

The event is organised by Great Minds Event Management, a Dubai-based multi-faceted event management company of international repute, having organized numerous successful Forums and exhibitions that highlight critical issues faced by various economic sectors and industries across the MENA region.

Celebrate Eid with a dash of Japanese Cuisine

Japanese cuisine, also known as Washoku, is a culinary tradition that has been refined over centuries. Its cultural and historical significance is deeply ingrained in the Japanese way of life.

One of the hallmarks of Japanese cuisine is the emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients. This philosophy is known as shun, and it is an integral part of Washoku. During Eid, when Muslims around the world gather to celebrate the end of the holy month of Ramadan, it is traditional to prepare a feast for family and friends. Incorporating seasonal ingredients into the meal is a way to honor this tradition, and Japanese cuisine offers a wide variety of fresh, seasonal ingredients to choose from.

Japanese cuisine has become increasingly popular around the world, and its unique flavors and presentation can be incorporated into any festive meal and this Eid, Sumo Sushi & Bento has curated special dishes that is ideal for big celebrations with Japanese food lovers.

One dish that would be particularly appropriate for an Eid celebration is sushi. Sushi is a staple of Japanese cuisine and is typically made with vinegared rice, raw or cooked seafood, and vegetables. While it may seem simple, there is a great deal of skill involved in making sushi, and the presentation is often as important as the taste.

Sushi can be customized to suit any taste and meet many dietary requirements, made with a variety of seasonal ingredients, incorporating either raw or cooked items or both.

Sumo Sushi & Bento has curated beautiful sushi presentation in the form of a sushi cake, and this would look great at any table and will impress guests visiting during Eid. The Matsuri Box is a colorful addition to any big celebration and comes with 50 pcs of sushi.

Another popular dish in Japanese cuisine is tempura. Tempura is a deep-fried dish that typically features seafood and vegetables. The batter used to coat the ingredients is light and crispy, and the dish is often served with a dipping sauce. Like sushi, tempura can be made with a variety of seasonal ingredients, making it an ideal addition to any Eid feast.

Finally, no Japanese meal would be complete without a cup of green tea. Green tea is an integral part of Japanese culture and is often served alongside meals. Its earthy, slightly bitter flavor is the perfect complement to the fresh, delicate flavors of Japanese cuisine.

Japanese cuisine is hence is perfect for adding colour to your Eid table during the celebrations. With its emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients and beautiful presentation, it makes it an ideal addition to any festive meal. From sushi to tempura to green tea, there are many dishes in Japanese cuisine that can be customized to suit any taste and budget. By incorporating these dishes into an Eid feast, one can honor the traditions of both Japanese and Islamic cultures and create a memorable meal that will be enjoyed by all.

Celebrate Eid Al Fitr at Sumo Sushi & Bento

DUBAI, UAE: Sumo Sushi & Bento, the originator of family friendly sushi dining in the region has a special offer during Eid Al Fitr where on purchase of any Bento and a drink, diners get a free roll. Diners can select their free roll from Crunchy Crazy, Veggie Roll, California Roll and Sweet Potato Crunch with offer until 27th April 2023.

Celebrate festive spirit with Sumo Sushi & Bento’s matsuri box with all-time favourite rolls in one box for AED289/- available at all locations. Treat friends and family to a fabulous feast with all-time favorites featuring 50 pieces of sushi, enjoyed while celebrating togetherness after a month of fasting with loved ones.

With so many choices to select from, the Matsuri Box, is perfect for Eid and for gifting family and friends. This offer is valid until end of April. Both offers are available for take-away, delivery and for Dine-In (without the box) and available on the Sumo Sushi & Bento website and Mobile app.

Featuring the finest Japanese cuisine and fun activities that caters to all age groups and suits different taste buds, Japanese food connoisseurs at Sumo Sushi & Bento can also indulge in sushi sandwiches, poke bowls, Bento boxes and other Japanese specialty rolls.

For regular patrons,Sumo Mobile App is a most simple and convenient way to earn loyalty points. Collect Kenji Coins for every order and redeem them for FREE food and drinks (1 AED= 1 Kenji Coin). You can redeem the rewards without any minimum spend. Enjoy!

The special offers are available from 11am to 11pm at all Sumo Sushi & Bento outlets. For Booking, visit https://sumosushibento.com, download the Sumo Sushi App or call 800-7866(SUMO)

Enjoy 30% discount offer at Sumo Sushi & Bento

Valid until 19th of April for orders on mobile App

Dubai, UAE: Diners at Sumo Sushi & Bento can get 30% off for orders on mobile App. Featuring the finest Japanese cuisine and fun activities that caters to all age groups and suits different taste buds, Japanese food connoisseurs at Sumo Sushi & Bento can also indulge in sushi sandwiches, poke bowls, Bento boxes and other Japanese specialty rolls.

This offer is available from until the 19th of April 2023 for dine-in, takeaway and delivery. It is ideal for diners looking for a variety of meals especially during iftar and suhoor. Sumo Sushi & Bento also has a selection of curated platters to choose from for Ramadan.

For regular patrons,Sumo Mobile App is a most simple and convenient way to earn loyalty points. Collect Kenji Coins for every order and redeem them for FREE food and drinks (1 AED= 1 Kenji Coin). You can redeem the rewards without any minimum spend. Enjoy!

The special offers are available from 11am to 11pm at all Sumo Sushi & Bento outlets. For Booking, visit https://sumosushibento.com, download the Sumo Sushi App or call 800-7866(SUMO)

Icons only: Winners of the 2023 World Car Awards

Shereen Shabnam

Being an automotive Jury the last few years for global motoring awards has been a key highlight of my life. This year, car enthusiasts around the world eagerly awaited the announcement of the 2023 World Car of the Year awards winners, held at the New York Motor Show.

A jury of 100 distinguished international automotive journalists from 32 countries selected the winners by secret ballot based on their evaluation of each eligible vehicle as part of their on-going professional work. The vote results were tabulated by KPMG.

The award recognizes the best cars released in the past year, based on a number of factors including design, performance, safety, and innovation. As Jury, we drove numerous cars throughout the year and a large number of nominated cars in Los Angeles last year, the competition was fierce, with a number of impressive new cars from new and established automakers.

The World Car of the Year 2023 ceremony, powered by Brembo, was held in New York City with a crowd of journalists, car industry experts, and enthusiasts gathered witnessing the announcement of the winner.

The awards concluded with a triple win for the Hyundai Motor Company as the Hyundai Ioniq 6 won the overall 2023 World Car of the Year title, the 2023 World Electric Vehicle as well as the 2023 World Car Design of the Year awards. This is the second consecutive triple win for the Hyundai Motor Group.

Highlight for our team was having SangYup Lee, Executive Vice President, Head of Hyundai and Genesis Global Design Center, Hyundai Motor Company (HMC) on hand at the awards ceremony to participate in a Q&A with media and receive his 2023 World Car Person of the Year trophy. The short list of finalists for the 2023 Top Three in the World were the Hyundai Ioniq 6, the Range Rover and the Lucid Air. The 2023 World Luxury Car is the LUCID AIR. The LUCID AIR was chosen from an initial entry list of sixteen (16) vehicles from all over the world then a short list of three finalists.

In the 2023 World Performance Car category, KIA EV6 GT emerged as the winner while the CITROEN C3 is the 2023 World Urban Car. The Citroen PSA Group has won three World Car Awards to date.

All vehicles eligible for other World Car award categories are automatically eligible for World Car Design of the Year award. This year there were seventy-eight (78) eligible vehicles in total.

A panel consisting of six highly respected world design experts was asked to first review each of the 78 candidates, and then establish a short-list of recommendations for the jurors’ final vote.

The design experts are in alphabetical order:  Ian Callum (United Kingdom – Director of Design, CALLUM), Gert Hildebrand (Germany – Owner Hildebrand-Design), Patrick le Quément (France – Designer and President of the Strategy Committee – The Sustainable Design School), Tom Matano (USA – Academy of Art University, Former Head of Design – Mazda), Victor Nacif (USA – Chief Creative Officer, Brojure.com and Design instructor, NewSchool of Architecture and Design) and Shiro Nakamura (Japan – CEO, Shiro Nakamura Design Associates Inc.).

 All of the World Car Award trophies were created this year by legendary automotive designer, Ian Callum’s design and engineering consultancy CALLUM. All seven of the new CALLUM designed trophies were produced by REPLIQUE using the first fully encrypted 3D printing platform that offers OEMs a secure and sustainable means of providing parts on demand, anytime, anywhere.
The Road to the World Car Awards is an annual journey that follows 100 international jurors as they test-drive, and vote on, the eligible vehicles for the 2023 awards. The jurors’ road-test journey is captured virtually on World Car TV as the jurors provide viewers with reviews and commentary on the awards’ eligible vehicles in six categories.

Win this Ramadan with Northern Emirates Malls

Celebrate the Holy month with mall deco, henna and craft art events and performances at Lulu Mall Fujairah and Mall of Umm Al Quwain

The shopping mall and management division of Lulu Group International, Line Investments & Property (LIP) will celebrate the holy month of Ramadan with themed mall deco, art activations, festive ambience for photo opportunities across the mall and a spend and win promotion from April 1st to  24th of April 2023 leading up to Eid celebrations.

To participate in the spend and win promotion at Lulu Mall Fujairah and Mall of Umm Al Quwain, shoppers can spend AED 100/- at any of the malls or AED 200/- at Lulu Hypermarket as there will be 20 winners for AED 1,000/- and grand prize winner for AED 5,000/-.

The malls will also have live events on the weekends 7th, 8th and 9th April as well as 14th, 15th and 16th April after Iftar featuring henna art, oud player, qanun player, calligraphy artist, pencil sketch artist as well as children’s art and craft activities.

Shoppers are welcome to join in for the celebrations and create memories with loved ones during the holy month.