Amadeus and ATS Travel partner to launch the “ATS Go Green” sustainability drive supported by Olive Gaea

(Left to Right) Ernesto Sanchez Beaumont – Managing Director, Amadeus Gulf, Mr Saleem Sharif – Deputy Managing Director, ATS Travel, and Juhi Yasmeen Khan – Founder & Managing Director, JYK Future Philanthropist CSR Initiative Company- Dubai

· Partnership cemented at an awareness campaign with key stakeholders at the Al Zohra Mangrove area

Amadeus is partnering with ATS Travel, an award-winning travel management company in the Middle East, to launch its sustainable drive under the brand ‘ATS Go Green’ in collaboration with Olive Gaea, a Dubai-based start-up providing Net Zero solutions across the MENATI region.

Amadeus is committed to working towards environmental sustainability, encouraging industry-wide progress to help achieve its net zero targets and securing long-term growth and prosperity for the travel industry. The company has set a target of zero emissions by 2050, with the ambition to achieve this by 2030.

The ‘ATS Go Green’ initiative reiterates the commitment by all parties to reach their environmental sustainability goals and be the front runners in the travel industry providing tailor-made reports on Co2 emissions for corporates.

Saleem Sharif, Deputy Managing Director at ATS Travel said, “The partnership will allow Amadeus, ATS Travel and Olive Gaea to work closely together and offer clients offsetting opportunities and inspire sustainable living. The collaboration saw all parties pledging to develop a more sustainable future with participants planting mangroves at the local Al Zohra mangrove ecosystem.  Participants were briefed on the sustainability project and taken on a Kayak tour to the mangrove plantation area with reusable water bottles and eco-friendly utilities. We invited our corporate clients and UAE National airlines representatives to join the event and support the cause.”

“The increase of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere today is a growing concern within the travel and tourism sector. We aim to be the front runners in the travel sector providing custom carbon footprint reports for Air, Land, and hotels to our travel corporates. Our collaboration will enable us to go beyond just greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reports in the future, and provide cost effective offsetting options,” added Saleem.

Ernesto Sanchez Beaumont, Managing Director, Amadeus Gulf said, “This partnership supports our approach to transforming business operations, helping customers and driving the industry toward a more sustainable future. Enabling our customers to engage in green initiatives, such as this one from ATS Travel and Olive Gaea, and working with the global travel community on sustainability reflects our commitment to being at the forefront of change.”

“The UAE Government has given a lot of emphasis to sustainability, Go Green drives and eco-tourism. It is hence critical to understand the direct impact of travel choices on carbon footprint,” added Ernesto.

Vivek Tripathi, Founder and CEO of Olive Gaea said, “We are delighted to partner with ATS Travel’s sustainability initiative “ATS GO GREEN” supported by Amadeus. With local and global organizations racing against time to address climate change and reach Net Zero Carbon targets, we are pleased to play our part and help them take climate action.  Not only will they minimize their environmental impact and support new plantation activities, they will also empower their clients with innovative and sound sustainability tools. 

“Change starts with awareness; that’s why we trust our reporting and carbon offsetting initiatives will go a long way in fostering a greener travel industry in the UAE. The initiative will help both corporate and individual travellers assess their environmental impact and take positive climate action amid rising concerns over global warming,” added Vivek.

The new Dawn of Global Real Estate

Raising the Bar in Real Estate & Managing a global multi-billion-dirham Empire


By Shereen Shabnam

The dynamic CEO of the award winning Tamleek Real Estate Co., Dr. Brian Etemad Esq., is a licensed US Attorney from New York who later founded Tamleek REIT & Global Investments, an elite investment and development firm with an exceptional track record and an exclusive global property portfolio.

Having sold over AED 2 billion worth of property and consecutively winning two Forbes awards as the Arab World’s No.1 Investment Advisory and Brokerage Company, Tamleek has established itself as an exclusive No.1 selling entity for numerous prestigious clients and is renowned as a diversified conglomerate with an impressive portfolio.

Under the astute leadership of Brian Etemad, Tamleek successfully specializes as a Global Investment Company focused on five main pillars:  REIT, Luxury Development, Cryptocurrency, General Investments, and Investment Advisory & Brokerage.REITs are now recognized and regulated in several jurisdictions globally.

As a “Master Investor”, Brian is extremely selective about the assets and projects Tamleek invests in, which cements its image in dealing only with the best-in-class assets combined with a reputation highly valued by loyal investors.

Propelling its spectacular growth is Tamleek’s management style that is already leaving a major impact on the world’s stage as it takes off to new heights and triumphant victories. Dr. Brian Etemad uses his real estate knowledge and rich experience across continents for developing and investing within the residential, commercial and hospitality sectors.

As a vibrant city, Dubai remains one of the top global cities on Dr. Brian’s list with high infrastructure investment, excellent connectivity and profitable prospects in the real estate market. He is optimistic of the resilience and further growth of Dubai’s burgeoning real estate market “because it is a safe and secure metropolis that is now haven for millions of residents.

The success of the city is due to the visionary leadership of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. This gives investors the peace of mind and confidence to invest in the city. Dr. Brian is proud to be part of Dubai’s incredible journey of success by following the values of the country’s leaders.

The company’s proven expertise, and unparalleled ability to react to global financial challenges protects investors and guides them towards a prosperous future with a steady stream of income returns, together with capital appreciation from real estate assets and increases in the value of equity. Through Tamleek REIT & Global Investments, Brian provides investors with valuable information and guidance, ensuring they are empowered to make the best investment decisions.

Staying ahead of the game, Tamleek REIT & Global Investments has embraced cryptocurrencies, which have evolved from a latent potential into an asset that belongs in every well-balanced portfolio. Always daring to go for the novel and the innovative, Tamleek has the knowledge and the acumen to be the major player on the market that’s brimming with possibilities while making sound judgments every step of the way.

The legal background of Dr. Brian is an added advantage when dealing with highly complicated contracts and gives developers insights into both the real estate industry and the legalities that go with the property and real estate deals.

Equipped with a strong business plan, Dr. Brain plays an integral part in the region’s economy and with his diverse expertise Tamleek has evolved into a Multi-Billion Dirham Global Investment & Development Firm, with premier assets in some of the largest economies across the globe.

As a Real Estate Investment Trust, Tamleek owns and manages a portfolio of income-generating real estate assets, with the purpose to create a regular dividend income stream for investors. It also manages the properties to increase the potential returns with a spectrum of highly specialized in-house services.

Today, Tamleek’s flair for innovation, creative problem-solving and measured risk-taking is what drives its skyrocketing success. Together with its investors, its goal is to build an iconic legacy through ground breaking projects, raising the bar of architectural excellence and design artistry and is hence on a soaring trajectory under Dr. Brian’s visionary leadership.

On the personal front, Dr. Brian remains a gentle and spiritual soul who has not let the success of this professional achievements change him. His philanthropy involves regular financial support to 500 orphans across the globe.  His admirable qualities include his ability to react to global financial challenges and his work ethics that has led to so many successes.

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